For Educators

Now more than ever, primary source documents are an essential part of classroom work. Educators from the region have used materials from our collections to create lesson plans for primary, secondary, and even some college level classes. These plans are appropriate for a wide range of curriculum, including Social Studies, English, and Science. We have posted those lesson plans here for you to use:

LibGuide with lesson plans created by regional teachers through a Teaching with Primary Sources Grant funded by the Library of Congress.

Lesson plans created for online exhibit, The Missing Chapter: Untold Stories of the African American Presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

We welcome your contributions! If you have utilized primary sources from our collections and would like to share your lessons with us, please email your link, LibGuide, PDF, MS Word document, or whatever you have, to If your content fits our parameters, we will share it with other educators by posting it on the site with credit to you.